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45-51 Newhall Street
Birmingham B3 3QR

0121 236 6633


Do you want the Shingles vaccine or are you looking to reduce your organisations’ absence rates with a flu vaccination campaign?

At BHSF Newhall Medical Practice, we provide the full range of vaccinations including the Shingles vaccine for adults, chicken pox vaccine for children, travel vaccinations and assessments for healthcare workers and those going to work overseas.  If you’d like to arrange an appointment for travel jabs or a specific vaccine for your child or you, then please call 0121 236 6633 to book.

If you’re a healthcare worker who would like to arrange an appointment, then please call 0121 236 6633 to book a ‘Workplace vaccination assessment’.

Would you like to protect your employees?
You may wish to immunise your workforce against flu this winter or find one medical practice to administer all your vaccination requirements.  Whatever vaccination you require and however many people you have, we can help. Contact us and we’ll assess the most cost effective and efficient way to deliver your vaccination program.

Vaccinations at BHSF Newhall Medical Practice

Costs and appointments

See our full vaccination price list here

Call 0121 236 6633 to book your appointment