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45-51 Newhall Street
Birmingham B3 3QR

0121 236 6633

Birmingham’s local occupational health provider and vaccination specialist

Occupational Health

Health Screening

BHSF Newhall Medical Practice has extensive experience in health screening - identifying risks and problems at an early stage and taking action to address them.

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Management Referrals

As experienced occupational health doctors, we regularly undertake independent occupational health reports for a wide range of companies.

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Our specialist nurse provides a full range of workplace vaccinations.

Going on holiday? We offer travel jabs for a wide range of destinations.

GP Consultations

Our standard appointment times are 15 minutes. A convenient GP appointment in Birmingham city centre.

Our Team

Our team will provide you with expert and relevant medical advice, a comprehensive range of vaccinations and occupational health services.


Complete nutrition, sugar and salt

Continuing our theme of looking after ourselves, Practice Nurse Angela Weston explains where we find salt and sugar in our food. She provides advice on how to reduce our salt and sugar consumption. Sugar is found naturally in sugar cane, sugar beet and to lesser amounts in fruits and some root vegetables. It’s a combination of […] Read more

Understanding Cholesterol

Continuing in our series of blog articles, our resident GP, Dr Bryan Fehilly helps you with understanding cholesterol. What are the good fats and the bad fats? Fat or lipid is the name given to foodstuffs such as butter, spreads, cooking oils and the fatty parts of meats. Dietary fat is normally a combination of […] Read more

Exercise Benefits – Improving Your Health

Next in our series of blog articles on new year health, Dr Bryan Fehilly talks about exercise benefits and the impact on improving your health. We know that prehistoric man spent much of the day walking or running in search of food. For many people in the world today, walking is still the main form of transport. They manage […] Read more


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